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There are many applications for what we do. Ask us how we can help!


We are continuously pushing the envelop with our line of products. By renting one of our units you will:


  • Attract your audience with our creative designs

  • Showcase your brand.

  • Maximize your brand and stand out.

  • Make connections happen.

  • Use engaging graphics to grow your space.

  • With the right design and creative eye, your MYBOX space will literally stand as your product.

  • Entertain your party like never before.


Ask us about all the options available to you:

  • Lounge Furniture

  • Electric

  • TV

  • Patio Furniture

  • Sky Deck

  • And more…


Our new “climate controlled solution” unit is a game changer. Now you can have a mobile office, lounge, or entertainment space for your clients and colleagues in an “air controlled” environment with a patio and sky-deck staged to your liking.


Let us elevate your private or commercial event to new heights.

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