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     In college, I was involved in event planning for various organizations. Unfortunately, rental event spaces retained common issues: too expensive, limited venues, location specific, and many don’ts associated with these spaces.

     While planning an upcoming fundraiser, I expressed my frustration to my parents. They had experienced similar issues with major events in their lives: weddings, receptions, birthdays, tail-gaiting, corporate meetings and more. They said, “pick a space and go with it, it’s the best you can do.”

     A few months later, my father calls and thinks he found a solution. He said, “What if there is something mobile, modular, and affordable that could be set at a site of your choosing? Like a big box.” His company used cargo containers to ship items around the world. Walking through that empty metal box, he asked, “Do you see it?” What an “Ah-Ha” moment; the answer to all that shared frustration! After in-depth research, I couldn’t find the container in the marketplace. Thus, with some dedication, sleepless nights, a lot of trial and error, our business is born.

                                                                    Garrett  Williamson